A Pastor from Fort McMurray

I am so thankful to the Lord for your ministry among us. Without fail everyone that has sought counsel from you are raving about how informative and eye opening it is for them. You are indeed helping the process of healing in individuals lives. To God be the glory!!

Dear Ruth and Simon

Our sex life was a joke! Unfulfilling and unsatisfying to say the least. Thanks for helping us greatly improve in this important area of our marriage and renewing and reviving our marital passion for each other!

Dear Ruth and Simon

As a young adult, I was seeking direction for my life. I wanted to make the right choices, but needed someone to bounce my ideas off of. Thanks for your help in this area. You gave me some fresh ideas and issues to reflect on that were very useful.

Dear Ruth and Simon

We had no idea that marriage would be so challenging! We have only been married two years but did we have issues! My wife and I are so glad we addressed these issues early in our marriage so we can enjoy many upcoming years of happiness together. Your wise words of counsel, and the resources you shared for further study were so helpful. The weekly homework assignments kept us on task and moving toward our preferred future. Thanks!

Dear Simon

After I received my Drunk Driving charges I was about to lose everything … my wife, my child and my job. Wow! Did I blow it big-time!

Thanks for helping me turn my life around and get my life back together. It is has been a long process. Thanks for being patient with me as I made the necessary changes in my life.


Dear Ruth and Simon

To say our finances were in a disastrous state would be an understatement. Thanks for helping us sort out our priorities, set new goals to get out of debt and develop a plan to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We needed this direction and accountability! Thanks you sooo much

Dear Ruth

I was ready to leave my husband as you know. I was frustrated and angry to the limit! Thanks for listening, hearing and letting me ventilate without judgment. I needed a listening ear desperately. So much appreciated during this very difficult season!

Dear Simon

Thank you so much for helping us through our recent tragic loss. The pain, the anguish and anger we all felt needed to be processed and you were the one to help us do just that. Your support and counsel in this bereavement season has been immeasurable and we will be forever grateful. You assisted us in walking through some very dark and depressing days of unbelievable grief.

Dear Ruth and Simon

We have a very happy marriage as we told you, but just needed some objective coaching to help us go to the next level in our life and marriage.

Thanks for your insightful comments and suggestions.

Dear Simon

As you know our son was harassed with bullying at school. He was an angry, aggressive and unhappy camper. Thanks for helping him process this anger, and take positive steps to make his life bearable at school. Your wise counsel was so timely and really helpful at this stressful time.

Dear Simon

My sexual addiction had got the best of me. I was caught and my wife was livid. It was time to stop running from my issues and deal with them. You helped me step by step come to healing in this area. Thanks for helping to save me and my marriage from disaster and putting me back on the right track with my marriage.

Dear Ruth

How grateful I was to engage an emphatic listening ear of another woman. I so needed to be heard and understood. I felt so good after each session, not only because I had a chance to “unload” by burdens, but was delighted to “Upload” some tips, advice, counsel that gave me fresh hope and encouragement to keep moving ahead in my life.

Thanks Ruth — you were a life saver!

Dear Simon and Ruth

My husband and I had hit bottom. We were desperate for help in our relationship and you were the counsellor that helped us dig out of very dark hole. Thanks for believing in us and seeing the potential in us personally and in our relationship.

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Things have improved immensely in our home and we thank you for being there for us! You have changed our lives!

Dear Simon

Thanks for opening your counselling centre. I appreciated being able to take my issues “out of town” to a safe place with a caring counsellor.

You have helped me work though some very difficult issues and my time spent with you has been most profitable. Well worth the time and money invested! Will be referring my friends to you!

Dear CCC

Ruth and Simon have helped our marriage immensely and we can highly recommend their counselling centre.

We came to their office when our marriage was in extreme crisis and they have systematically walked us through our issues and supported us during this very difficult time.

Their caring empathic manner coupled with their experience and expertise in counselling has been so much appreciated!

We felt like were coming to a safe environment where we were able to vulnerably share our issues, hurts and wounds and we left each session feeling energized, and most of all hopeful regarding our future!

Don’t hesitate to access their effective counselling services! You’ll be glad you did!

Dear Ruth

Just wanted to write to tell you how much I have enjoyed my sessions with you. I have gained fresh insights about myself, and how I can become a
better person.

My relationships have all improved through your counsel and I’m so glad I took the step to come for counselling sessions.

P.S> I’m glad your counselling centre is NOT just for religious or individuals of faith, but also for those of us who aren’t. Much appreciated!